Got a Case of the Mondays


I can't say that this was my favorite Monday ever. The Jeep drama continues. I was supposed to drop my Jeep off this morning so they could troubleshoot it for a few days and my case manager said they'd give me a loaner, blah, blah, blah. So, I show up ready to drop it off and the Jeep dealer had no idea I was coming and had no loaner to give me. Ahhhh! So, I left with my car and went about my day.

Work is super stressful right now. The only saving grace is that it's out of my hands really so I'm just trying to ride it out. Shit will get has to, right?

Baby Num has good moments and not so good moments. I'm hoping it's the medicine that is making her sort of weak and sleepy. I had set her up a little room in my bathroom and twice tonight she went back there on her own even though she was in there all night and for most of today. She's been out for a few hours so maybe she's pepping up.


I have to be PMSing. I'm like on the verge of tears over the stupidest shit - songs, TV commercials, posts on tumblr. Like...just put me out of my misery and come already.

One highlight of today was my mint stools for the kitchen island. They're so cute! And useful, too! I've already used one to change a lightbulb in the kitchen because I'm a shorty.


I bought myself two pink trash cans for the kitchen today just to make myself feel better. One will be my recycling bin and one will be my actual trash can. I wanted two different colors but couldn't find two in the right colors that weren't a million dollars. I ain't spending $200 on a trash can!


Sorry today's post is such a bummer. Tomorrow is a new day so hopefully it will go a bit better!