Mermaid over the Mantel!


My latest acquisition is this adorable mermaid. She looks perfect over my mantel! After two failed attempts at hanging her with Command Hooks, I gave up and used good old fashioned nails. I really love her!

I also found a bunch of candles today. I was looking for some to go on the candlesticks I bought yesterday, but after a failed attempt at finding scents I liked, I just bought some flameless ones (newsflash: they look sort of cheesy lit up).


But, I still was on the hunt for a nice beachy scent for the living room and something for the pink room. I ended up at Bath and Body Works, which was having a candle sale on 3-wick candles. I got Endless Weekend for the living room and Bourbon Caramel Sea Salt for the pink room. Endless Weekend is Fresh Summer Mandarin, Sun-Kissed Magnolia, and Coconut Water. It's a pretty pleasant smell with a beachy vibe. I don't think it's super strong, but it seems like a nice smell. Bourbon Caramel Sea Salt on the other hand is a powerhouse. Within minutes of it entering my house, it filled the Pink Room and my kitchen with a yummy smell. I've been told I need to try the Volcano candle and Diptyque of course so those will be next on my list (but not this pay period!).


I hung my starfish garland. I originally was going to string it across my bay window, but today I realized it's meant to dangle downwards, not across. The starfish get bigger as they go. I had some nails already set up on the wall for some crabs and a string of picture frames so I tried it there and it looks pretty good. Doki disagrees and has spent a good portion of the night staring and barking at the starfish, which are just out of her reach.


My weight was the same today: 194.6. I've been sticking to my plan so I'm just trying to be patient! I hate how long it takes to lose weight (especially when gaining seems so easy)!

I will leave you with this cheeky frog that I saw at Big Lots!