I Found the Pastel Kitchen Motherload!


I went to Home Goods today and hit the jackpot. They had soooo much good stuff in just the colors I was looking for. Maybe it's the post-Easter pastel glut, but I came out of there a ton of stuff for my kitchen (and a few sea-themed items for the living room).


These are the cutest little measuring cups. They're ceramic and didn't have a price tag or even proper packaging, but they gave them to me for $3.99! Cute enough to leave out on the counter and they stack nicely!


I have a Keurig and usually if I want a cup of tea, I just run and empty cycle to dispense hot water, but if I ever had a tea party, I'd be shit out of luck so when I saw this cute kettle on the clearance shelve, I snagged it. A good deal for $9.99 and the perfect color!


Not everyone needs a straw dispenser, but my girlfriend uses straws a lot and I do occasionally so I couldn't turn down this minty one.


Baby Num spent a lot of the day sleeping, but I let her out of the bathroom where I'd set up a little "apartment" for her so she could get some rest away from the other animals. She was ready to come out this afternoon, but actually looked ready to go back in tonight so I set her up in there again. She's pretty worn out and I think the meds make her feel a bit icky so she's resting again.


I'm still doing great on keto! I'm down another pound. Soon, I'll be saying buh bye to the 190s! If I can get out of the 180s by the end of this month, the 170s by the end of May, and the 160s by the end of June, I'll be super close to goal by summer.

If only my legs were longer....LOL! I'm still looking pretty thicc, but I'm okay with it. I'm down 13 pounds and that's great! Every little bit is progress!