Making Progress!


Sorry I've been MIA on here a few days. Between cat drama and Jeep drama, I just couldn't get in the right frame of mind to blog. My car went back for the 6th time in a month to try and solve the mystery check engine light/O2 Sensor issue. Jeep has opened a case and is now requiring me to go a 7th time (LOL) and leave my car for several days so I've got that to look forward to next week. My car is a bit less than a year and a half old so it's frustrating that they can't seem to fix it and I feel like the Jeep dealership needs to give me an employee badge. I've been there so much, I know how to make the garage doors go up. I'm a Jeep girl through and through so it's annoying because this is my 3rd Jeep and the first time I've ever had an issue. They're giving me a loaner so it's just a minor inconvenience but I feel like my Jeep is tainted. My girlfriend and I are already looking at Renegades online.


Baby Num was really out of it this morning and was sort of in pee position without peeing so I made a vet appointment for this afternoon. When I got home from work, she seemed really unsteady and just didn't look right so I took her in a bit early. They ran more tests and I'm waiting to hear back, but she's drugged up and sleeping in the bathroom for now (with a bunch of pee pee pads on the floor just in case). She peed on the vet tech before we left! I'm a bit worried it's a kidney problem, but I guess we'll see what they say. She's 16 or 17 and has had a good life so I'm prepared for whatever they say.


On a more positive note, I'm kicking ass on keto! I wasn't sure how I'd do since doing higher fat low carb is foreign to me, but I've adjusted really well and it doesn't even feel like I'm dieting. I'm rarely hungry and I'm not snacking as much as I do on other diets. I'm pretty much eating 3 meals a day and then I have a "fat bomb" here and there if I need a little something extra. Fat bombs are cream cheese, butter, and coconut oil with cocoa powder and some Stevia/Truvia. They taste like little cheese cakes! I don't really have much of a sweet tooth so I don't really overeat them and they're so rich, I don't think you'd want to!


I'm at 195.8 as of this morning. I'm trying to just keep plugging along and be happy with any progress (just like the decluttering). I've had days where the scale doesn't move and then days like today where it goes down a pound. My jeans I wore today (top pic) are almost ready to be donated. I bought them off ebay when I first gained and had nothing that fit and I was too embarrassed to go to Torrid or somewhere to get bigger jeans. I got over that eventually and now have a bunch of cute 16s, but they're going to be on their way out soon! These jeans are falling off my hips, which is no small feat! This barely even qualifies as an's a baggy mess, but it's Friday and I was only at work for 4 hours.


This weekend, I'll be doing more decluttering. We're supposed to get a little snow and I'm not up for painting this weekend, but I might go check out paint colors if I get bored! And all of this depends on what's up with Baby Num! Never a dull moment.