It was a Rose Gold Kind of Day!


Procrastination is dangerous because it usually ends up with me buying all sorts of nonsense because I don't want to vacuum or something. I did have a goal today - find a new purse - because my strap is about to give out on my old one. So I hit up Marshalls, Ross, Saks Off Fifth, and DSW in search of a purse. I ended up with a cheap rose gold Aldo one that will do for now but it's not my favorite purse I've ever bought.

I also picked up some cute rose gold sparkly sandals at Ross for $14. Hopefully they won't be all scratchy on my foot. Glitter sandals have a bad tendency of doing that and yet I keep buying them!


I want to know how I ended up with 4 coconut oil products from Marshalls when I went in for a purse. What kind of dark magic happens when you go inside where you forget your purpose and end up buying a bunch of weird shit? But I love coconut oil stuff and now I smell like a creamy coconut so I guess I can't complain. It was all super cheap. The brand name is Okay. I feel like if they had a more exciting or positive name, they wouldn't be selling for a discount at Marshalls!


Before I left the house I also picked up some rose gold sparkly sneakers from Overstock. They got great reviews so we'll see. I really want the silver ones, too, but I figured I'd just buy one for now. If I love them, I'll go back for the silver ones.


I didn't get either of these but both were super cute. This rainbow bag from Betsey Johnson was HUGE. The pink Burberry sneakers were adorable but out of my budget!


I bought some perfumes online from Alexandria perfumes. They're known for doing knock offs so I'm curious to see how they smell. I love my Choco Musk and haven't found anything to replace it, but some of these have got me curious!


I found a yummy candle for my bedroom. It's Sand and Fog The Woods. It smells a bit like cinnamon and clove. It was cheap and caught my eye (and nose) while I was waiting in line at Marshalls.


I didn't get a ton accomplished house-wise today but I did vacuum, change some burnt out lightbulbs in my bedroom, and do my dishes. I also took a trip to the vet to pick up Baby Num's kidney food. That was more expensive than my shoes and purse! I've been sticking to my diet although the scale was not moving this weekend. That seems to be how it is lately - a whoosh of a few pounds and then a few days of staying put while my body catches up! Any progress is progress though!