TGIF! I Didn't Think Friday Would Ever Come!


This has been the longest fookin' week ever! I had meetings every day except today, including a surprise meeting yesterday that we all collectively forgot about. Even with all the meetings and stress at work, I've been cool as a cucumber lately and I'm not sure if I'm just getting used to the stress or just dealing with it better than I used to.

I had acupuncture on Wednesday and I was soooooo relaxed afterwards. I fell asleep like 3 times during it and was mellow the rest of the night. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself.

I bought a Capri Blue Volcano candle for the pink room because someone recommended it and I liked it so much I bought the one above (which is actually pink). I also got the lotion and travel perfume so I'll let you know how those are. Volcano smells like tropical fruits and sugared citrus, so basically, yummy.


I've been getting ready for my next tattoo. My guy is always booked in advance so I might try to go this weekend and get an appointment. The unicorn seahorse is calling to me, spikes and all!

aequicorn-necklace-alchemy-gothic (1).jpg

I finally bought the Puma En Pointe sneakers I've had my eyes on for a long time, but I got them from Zulily, which takes forever to ship since they do a bulk order. BUT, I'm saving like $50 so I guess they'll be worth the wait. They're still on sale if you want to get you a pair!


I'm loving coming home to a clean, organized house so I need to finish up the other rooms. I feel like I say this every day, but maybe this weekend it will actually happen!

I switched back to Medifast and almost immediately lost almost 2 pounds. I'm going to be out of the 190s soon!!! I'm sticking kicking myself that I'm still about 10 pounds over my old "fat weight" but then I remember that I've lost 16 pounds and I need to focus on current successes rather than the past. It is what it is so let's get where we want to be!