Is This Month Over Yet?

April has been a frustrating series of stalls on the weight loss front. I waited it out and the scale is just moving so slowly. But even with the slowness, I'm down to 193, which is 14 pounds down from where I started. All forward movement is progress as a wise person once said.


I spent a lot of time analyzing what I was eating. Keto was new to me and some things worked and some didn't. I think the fat bombs (like mini chocolate cheesecakes) stalled me, although they were insanely delicious and once I hit maintenance, they'll be a great treat. I also think heavy cream is not worth it so I switched back to half and half.

conspiracy guy string red.jpg

I went back to look at my weight charts and the chart doesn't lie. I was losing great on Medifast (the first part of the chart where I went from 207 to 199.5). I lost almost a pound a day on Medifast and then spent a month trying to lose 5 pounds when I switched to keto/low carb. The food is not ideal, but it's not horrible either. I switched because I wanted something more manageable long-term, closer to how I'd eat in real life, but ain't nobody got time for that right now. So back to Medifast we go!


The new shower curtain is up and looking great. I love the sea glass print. It makes that bathroom semi-tolerable but I still curse whoever chose linoleum floors and the cream color toilet and tub.


This month has been long. Work has been stressful. But, I am enjoying coming home to a clean, pretty house and that's been the best thing to come out of April. I need to tackle the other rooms and just get them done already. I've been procrastinating a bit and that needs to stop. I think the theme for May is going to be "get er done" (on the decluttering and weight loss fronts).