Pink Tables are Here! Cheeseburger salad is Yum!


My pink coffee table and end table arrived today. They were heavy! They just needed the legs attached but thanks to the crappy instructions, it took twice as long as it should have. If I never see an Allen wrench again, it will be too soon. But the tables are gorgeous and perfect for that room.


The best advice I can give you all is to learn to be self-sufficient. Learn how to do this kind of stuff like putting together furniture or doing small fixes around the house. Not only will you get the satisfaction of having done it, you won't have to rely on other people! It can be daunting putting furniture together, but in most cases, if you take the time to read the directions and study the diagrams, it's not so bad. (The pink tables are a bad example because the instructions were wrong, but I figured it out.)

Breakfast today was leftover ground turkey taco meat with sour cream. Non-standard for sure, but tasty and filling. Tomorrow will probably be avocado, egg, and possibly bacon.

I had an awesome cheeseburger salad for lunch. It's basically a salad with pickles, cheese, and a burger with a mayo/relish dressing. It was super filling and pretty darn tasty! I'm actually proud of myself for cooking all this food ahead and sticking to keto. It's not that different from the low carb I'm used to, but the focus on fat is something I'm not as used to. I'm adjusting well though because I'm not super hungry between meals.


The fat bombs (which are kind of like mini cheesecakes) are the perfect "dessert" or afternoon pick-me-up. We'll see how I do on the scale. It's definitely a bit different than what I'm used to so I'm curious to see the results.

Speaking of fat's a picture of Lou the Cat, my chunky boy!