Finally, Some Movement on the Scale Plus Some Bathroom Purchases


I've been in a stall for almost 2 weeks and it was driving me nuts! I could tell my body looked different, my clothes were fitting different, but the scale was literally not budging. Finally, today it moved so I think I'm back on track again. Whew. I hate stalls, especially when it seems like there is no reason, but I did tighten up my diet a bit to rule out the stall being from what I was eating.

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I cut back on the mini cream cheese "fat bombs" which are keto friendly but probably too tasty for their own good! I also skipped the burgers and beef and went back to the baked chicken that I get from the grocery store. I just lose better when I stick to chicken! I've been having Chipotle for dinner lately as well (chicken+peppers+salsa+sour cream, cheese, lettuce). We'll see if these changes get the scale moving again. Sometimes a stall is just a stall. I feel like it's your body getting used to you at that new lower weight so it just sits there until it's ready to make the move on down.

One positive thing was that my rose gold Adidas track pants that were too tight when I got them now fit! So even if the scale has been slow to catch up, I am changing!

adidas rose gold.jpg

My guest bathroom is also going to go through a bit of a change. I got a new shower curtain, curtain rings, shower liner, and new bath accessories.


My bathroom is so annoying because I think someone updated it a bit in the 80s but it's still awful. It just looks a bit outdated. I'm contemplating painting the bath cabinet. It's kind of an ugly oak color. If I kept with the beach house theme, I could whitewash it or something. I don't have the money for a total redo, but I would love to just swap out everything and just make it a nice black and white bathroom! But, until that time comes, I'm making due with what I've got!

Everyone think good thoughts for Baby Num. She goes back to the vet tomorrow for a checkup and more blood tests. She's just about done with her antibiotics, but this series of blood tests will probably tell a lot about any kidney or cancer issues.