It's Here and I Never Want to See a Hex Tool Again


My hall tree bench thingy arrived today and I was nervous when I saw the box. It had said minor assembly required so I thought it would maybe be like attaching one big piece to the other or something. Minor assembly my ass. This was like 3 hours of hell. The pieces were all labeled and predrilled nicely and the directions were pretty clear so it wasn't horrible but this was not how I had planned on spending my Tuesday night.


Doki kept trying to help. I'm thankful I work with diagrams all the time at work. If you can read and follow instructions and look at a diagram, you can put together almost anything! It just takes shitloads of patience. My fingers and back are hating me right now.


It was worth it though! It looks amazing! It's got a storage bin for shoes or whatever so my sneakers are safe from Doki. And with the hooks, my purse, work bag, and coat can get out of the kitchen (where they used to reside on the stove LOL). I'm going to get a cute beachy pillow for the bench. I might even be able to put some big shells up top.


I got my rainbow sequin tank today in the mail that I'm going to wear to the Harry Styles concert! It was worth the convoluted shipping (from the ebay seller to someone in Australia and from them to me). It's so cute. It fits and it's lightweight so I think it will be better for the hot and humid DC in June. I'm going to wait until closer to the date for the bottom half.


I'm in the world's most stubborn weight loss stall. I am sticking to my plan, but the scale is just frozen at the moment. It will move eventually, but it's annoying as hell! I've got a busy few days coming up, including the vet for Baby Num, who is still loving her cat couch!

Sheesh. I still can't believe I put that hall tree bench together! \o/