I'm Loving My House!


Today was another day of decluttering and decorating...probably a bit more of the later than the former, but I did make some progress in the decluttering! I unearthed the picture above, which I put in place of the "live well, love much, laugh often" sign that was there before. It's a great sentiment, but my ex hung it in the house when we moved in and I just wanted it gone. Out with the old, in with the new! It makes a good transition from the kitchen into the Pink Room!


I decluttered my entertainment center, which allowed me to spread out some of the stuff that had been on the mantel into the entertainment center. Now my mantel looks cleaner and you can see my glass jellyfish collection better. I'll probably play around a bit with the entertainment center shelves as I find cute things to put in there, but for now, it's okay. I need heavy small things for the bottom shelves that Doki won't eat.


One of the best finds of the day was this orange coral candle holder. I've been looking for orange coral because it's the whole reason I chose those orange chairs for my table. They remind me of coral! I found this nice matching candle that smells yummy - mango guava!


This seahorse also called to me. I'm thinking a seahorse is going to be one off the first tattoos on my "sea-themed" arm.


Here's my jellyfish collection. I love these! I got these at Home Goods. They're just so cool! I haven't seen them there in awhile but I always keep an eye open!


I also found my happy Buddha in the entertainment center. He's chilling out in the pink room now next to the Volcano candle, which also smells amazing.


This black candleholder was in the bay window and I wasn't sure what to do with it until I realized how nice it would look in the pink room. I took some of the leftover mango guava candles, which sort of pull out the orange in the Harry water picture.


I just love this room. It's so pretty and calming! On a side note, I didn't realize it but the litterboxes in the laundry room just beyond this room are pink and blue!


I saw this pet sofa in Home Goods earlier today and didn't get it, but later on I was showing my girlfriend and she mentioned how cute it was and how it matched the blue chair in the pink room so I realized how cute it would look in that room....so I got it. We'll see if any of the animals actually use it. But it's adorable either way.


Will I ever stop buying things?


I had a good food day today. I love the salad bar at Jason's Deli with a cup of tuna salad so this was my lunch today. I had a cheeseburger (no bun) and salad for dinner.


Today was such a busy day! I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow and I'm sort of looking forward to it so I have an excuse to just chill!