This was the longest week so I'm glad it's over! I finally got my Jeep back today. It seems to be fixed so we'll see. They told me to drive it a lot this weekend to see if the light comes back on. As much as I was window shopping for new Jeeps (and found the perfect Renegade as well as the perfect Purple Wrangler), I'm happy to be back in my Jeep. So, we'll see what happens.

I got my pink trash cans today. They have fancy sensor lids that automatically open and close. One of the lids is acting up though (which may be fine since one bin is for recycling) so I don't care if it doesn't open and close automatically. I keep setting off the garbage sensor with my ass though as I walk by!


My kitchen island isn't quite decluttered yet. I wish I could just put a giant heart over the clutter to make it go away LOL.

I found a hall tree bench thingy that I like today. It was affordable with "minimal assembly" (famous last words). We'll see how bad it is when it comes in on Wednesday. It has hooks for my coat and purse and storage in the seat for my shoes so Doki doesn't eat them. And it looks sort of cute and beachy. I'll find a cute sea-themed pillow for it.


This has been a frustrating week for weight loss. I'm stalled, but hanging in there. I know the scale will move eventually but it drives me crazy when I don't see progress, especially when I've been sticking to my plan. But, it is what it is!

Baby Num seems to be doing well - she's climbing all over me at the moment!