I can't believe this is my house!


I found the perfect hall tree bench thingy (above) but I need to wait until next paycheck or something. It's super cute and is already assembled (I think) but it's the first one that really caught my eye and fits in with my beachy living room.


I got my blue canisters for the kitchen today so I organized that area today and wow! I can't believe this is my house! My counter is so organized and clean! I'm in shock! I really like how the kitchen is coming along. I can't wait for my pink trash cans to arrive Thursday.


I felt bad because I've been slacking on decluttering and I'm not done yet so I tackled a closet I've been avoiding for awhile. It was full of old comforters and curtains from a house I owned over a decade ago. I never unpacked them! I just tossed them out. Fresh start and all that. Once I got ride of that, I had a mostly empty closet! This is great because I definitely could use the storage space for big stuff. The decluttering that is left is mostly annoying stuff that isn't as obvious what to do with it. I'm going to try to throw a little bit out each day, but my garbage is full again!


I'm still sticking to my diet although I'm a bit stalled this week. It's almost that time, so I think I'm just all bloated or something. I'm hoping for a nice big whoosh so I can stay on track to get close to my first goal by the end of June.

Baby Num seems to be doing well. She's been a lot more active today now that she's off the painkillers. We'll see how she does when she goes back to the vet in a week or so.

I drop of my car at Jeep tomorrow. They've arranged for the loaner so hopefully this time, I can actually drop it off!

My girlfriend and I are starting to make plans for May and we're thinking about checking out the MGM Casino in Maryland. I drive by the darn thing every day on the way to work but I've never been inside! This year has been surprisingly hectic so I'm looking forward to a little getaway (even if it's a staycation LOL).