Product Review: The Body Wash I Can't Live Without


That headline sounds super dramatic, but my bottle is currently low and I'm stressing. I don't consider myself a "dry" person, but every winter I feel like I turn into this scaly reptile that itches constantly if I'm not moisturized 24/7. On top of that, I seem to have become more sensitive to products in my old age so I've had to switch to all kinds of "sensitive" things like laundry detergent and yes, body wash.

My girlfriend turned me on to Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free body wash and now it's literally the ONLY thing I can use in the winter. I even tried a different Aveeno "flavor" and nope, I was itchy as fuck. The recently changed the bottle color and everyone who loves it went into panic mode until they realized the cap changed from green to blue. 

The body wash is super almost like that mayonnaise that comes in a squeeze tube. A little does go a long way though and after you rinse, it sort of lingers on your skin. Even though it says fragrance free, there is a scent (at least to my nose), but it's mild and pleasant. 

So, if you turn into a scaly dragon in the winter, give this a try. Soon you'll be stockpiling it like a Y2K survivalist just like me!