Taco Salad Plus Pink Room Update


I made taco salad tonight for dinner. Mexican twice in a day? More likely than you'd think! It was super easy - ground turkey and 1/2 packet of taco seasoning with shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and avocado over lettuce. I was super full at the end. It was so nice to prepare a meal on my clean counter top!


After dinner, I saw I had an email saying my Redbubble order had arrived so I looked out of the porch and there it was - the pink water canvas print! I got the biggest one they sell, which i think is just under 30 inches by 20 inches. It looks great! I'm loving the Pink Room. It's so calming and nice!


Tomorrow is brunch at my sister's house. I'll get to see Doki's sister, Toki, and my dad will be there, too. My only contribution is a bottle of Asti! I might pick away at the kitchen more when I get home or try to organize the bookcases some more. I'm finding that as I declutter, I'm moving stuff to the bookcases until I figure out where it should go! I got a ton of bins to store stuff in so I just need to finish sorting it all out. I also have a bin full of ancient nailpolish that I probably should go through and just throw out most of it since they're so old! I still need to finish organizing the dreaded baker's rack, too!