Decluttering My Kitchen - Phase 1 Complete!


I've been dreading my kitchen declutter day because my kitchen has been a huge mess for so long. It's a tiny U-shaped kitchen with cabinets that are so old and have been painted so many times, they don't close. There are a lot of old-style cabinets with wasted space (that black hole area that is impossible to reach). I've also been struggling with where the cups and mugs are. I use a lot of mugs because I'm always caffeinated, but they weren't all in a convenient spot so I was always on tippy toes trying to get a mug.

I also has condiment creep. My oils and spices were taking over my counter top to the point that there was no counter space for doing anything. My tupperwares were also all over the place and I was like that infomercial gif every time I open the doors.


I got rid of tons of old Tupperware that I'm not using or shouldn't be using. I threw out old oils and vinegars that were past their prime. I threw out a bunch of old sugars and organized my tea and coffee area. I also ditched a bunch of random kitchen things that I'm never going to use like those cutesy salt and pepper shakers. Then, I put the mugs on the bottom of the cabinet and the glasses one tier up since I rarely use them. The result is counter space galore!


I used that newly created counter space to make some "fat bombs". I'm making the switch this weekend to a keto diet. Medifast got me down 10 pounds, but it's time to switch. I stocked up on eggs, meat, avocados, and oils today. I'm going to force myself to actually cook, so this should be interesting! The fat bombs are amazing (butter, cream cheese, coconut oil, cocoa powder, and splenda/truvia). Surprisingly good although they're sort of ugly.


Chipotle is still my go-to "out" food. It's so easy to get a meat (no rice), salsa, guacamole, cheese, and lettuce.


I was a bit frustrated this week with my weight loss. The week 3 stall reared its head as it always seems to do with me. I still feel great about being under 200 pounds so I want to keep up that momentum!