I'm a Convert! The Organization Continues


As I was decluttering, I realized how my shoes were a nightmare. They were all over the place and shoved in the crevices of my closet even though there was a shoe rack in the base of the closet (the previous owner had left the rack). I googled for shoe storage and found these neat little hanging shoe holders. What I love is that not only can you see the shoes in their organized little bins, but it gets them up off the floor. I liked these organizers so much, I ordered two more sets to hold my jeans (and possibly t-shirts if I have leftover bins). My closet is looking less chaotic and at $16 each, this is totally within budget.

I'm loving my big girl bedroom. I feel like I sleep better! The big standup mirror is also helpful at seeing what the hell I look like every morning. This could have saved me from the time I went out with a giant hole in my pants under the zipper area of my jeans because I had only been using mirrors that showed from the waist up LOL.

I'm really coming around to the idea of living with organization. I've always sort of considered myself to be a bit of a chaotic person, but being organized and having things in their place makes life run smoother. I feel calmer when I'm not surrounded by clutter and when I know where things are. It's taking some getting used to, but in a good way. I still am a bit daunted by how much more I have to do, but I've come so far I know I'll get there eventually.

I have acupuncture tonight and I haven't even felt like I "needed" it, which sometimes is the case. There were many times in the beginning where I could tell I was due for my appointment, but this isn't one of them! So I'm just looking forward to a relaxing session.

My diet has been a bit stalled out, which isn't totally unexpected. I've lot about 10 pounds since I started and the third week always seems the hardest no matter what diet I do. I'm trying to just stick it out because overall the trend is downward and this seems to be working well for me in general. I'm hoping for a nice weekend whoosh. Easter was never my favorite holiday for food and we're all going to my sister's house so we'll see what she's serving!