The Big Day! So Much New Furniture in Tha House!


Today was delivery day for my new furniture. I worked hard last night to clear a space in the bedroom (I still had one leftover pile of travel bags to sort through). I was super tired last night for some reason and slept in a bit this morning, but I'm glad I eventually got my ass out of bed because they came first thing in the morning! I had just dragged the old couch into the Pink Room and was about to put the pink on when I saw the guy walking up to my door! I went into a bit of panic mode because I hadn't rounded up the animals so I raced around getting the ones I could find into bedrooms and spent the rest of the delivery time watching the door to make sure cats weren't escaping. I didn't find Junior until hours later hiding behind a stack of paintings!


My furniture is amazing! I may have spent hours trying to decide between the couch I got and that sexy white leather one, but once I saw the gray couch in my house, I knew I made the right choice. The throw pillows even match my existing living room color scheme and Doki hasn't tried to dissect them so it's a win-win! The couch is super comfy and huge.


Doki is sad that her bench is gone but she's taken to sitting on the chaise with me because it's big enough to hold us both. She's also mad that this couch isn't smushed right up against the window so she can stick her face through the Doki shaped hole in the blinds she made but that's probably for the best.


I still have a few more things to get rid of in the living room like my old printer and computer, which are just collecting dust, but it's almost finished. I tackled the bay window, which had become a junk catchall area and while it still needs some work, I haven't seen it this clean in years! I'm going to find cute lighthouses or other nautical stuff to display in the bay window part. I also need new blinds because that side one literally fell off the wall one day because it was so old.


I got a new scratching post for Baby Num who seems to have a lot more energy now. I moved the elliptical out of the Pink Room and into the big spare bedroom that will house all the workout gear. I also bought some more baskets at Five Below. I just caught Doki chilling in the Pink Room on the couch, but couldn't get a picture in time.


It's so nice seeing my bedroom look like an actual bedroom! I haven't had a bedroom in over a decade since I didn't want to keep any of my bedroom furniture when I got divorced. It looks amazing and it's going to be nice to go to sleep in a big girl bed tonight instead of a mattress on the floor! I even bought hanging shoe organizers so I can organize my closet better. All this decluttering and organizing is so wild!


I moved the big mirror into my bedroom so now you can expect a bunch of full length selfies like this:


During my decluttering today, I found my lucky red string bracelet. I never used to leave the house without it so I was sad when it disappeared, but learned to live without it. Now it's back!  I also found a sage bundle my girlfriend and I had bought so I decided to sage my house now that I have all new stuff and all this new energy coming into the house. Now my house smells like weed! I'm actually going to splurge on a fancy candle as my housewarming gift to myself (as if I haven't bought enough)!


So, what's left? I'm waiting for my pink water canvas to come in and the matching throw pillows. I'm also waiting for the pink coffee table and end table. I'm waiting for the bubble lamps for the living room (and then I will move the lamp currently in the living room to the Pink Room). I have my eye on an entry way bench thing, but my credit cards need a rest! I bought a cheesy wire thing that has a place to hang up coats and bins for shoes, but now seeing my space come together, it just doesn't seem right for it so it may end up in the laundry room.

I still need to work on the rooms/areas that still aren't fully decluttered. This is a looooong process for me. But, I'm getting there!