We Got Bubbles!


My girlfriend made the mistake of telling me about some pink furniture she saw at the physical Overstock Furniture store. She hates pink so it was a bit shocking that she told me about it. The handles have bubbles so it reminded her of me. I obsessed over it, but finally bit the bullet and bought it. The pink room is done I think (as far as purchases go)!


I really liked the bootleg Harry pink water poster but the frame was cheesy as hell so I redid it on Redbubble and got the canvas print so I can just hang it with no frame. I also got two matching pillows. Let's hope Doki doesn't eat them!


I also found some cool bubble lights for the living room. I don't think they make actual bubbles but just look like bubbles. I got two for each end of the couch and I'll move the crystal balls lamp into the Pink Room.


Seeing the bubble lamps got me inspired to set up the Bubble Tube Lamp (top picture). It actually was super easy to hook up and looks great! I love watching it!

I hung the silver curtains in the bedroom and they look nice! They are gray with sparkles in them (the sparkles aren't showing up as much in photos, but they're there). I'm excited to have bedroom furniture on Tuesday.


My diet is doing great! I was 197.4 today so I'm still losing nicely! I had Chipotle again for lunch for my lean and green.


Baby Num is doing well. She's been getting her meds so hopefully she's feeling back to normal soon. It's back to work tomorrow, but I think I need a break from all the redecorating! I've had a busy weekend.