Snow, a Ziti Overflow, and Staying On Track


Hello, glitter babies! Mother Nature pulled the old "sike!" the day after the first day of Spring and dumped like 8 inches of snow on the DC area. The schools and government were all closed and I got to work at home while Doki bulldozed 10 pounds of snow into her mouth. Today, the roads were mostly clear and the snow is melting rapidly so let's hope that's really winter's last hurrah! 


I got my glitzy sequin top that I may wear to Harry Styles' concert in June. It's fabulous and best of all - it fits! It was a vintage 14 and you just never know with vintage sizing. A 14 usually equals like a 4 LOL. But, it fits and besides being a bit heavy with all the sequins, it looks amazing! 


Speaking of sizes, I'm still doing great on Medifast! I'm coming up on my second week and weight loss is always slower after the big whoosh of Week 1, but the scale is still going down so I'm happy! I weighed in at 198.8 today. I'm still a bit too close to the 200s for comfort, but in another week or two, hopefully the twos will be far enough away to be just a memory.


I had one of their newer dinner options last night - the ziti marinara. I was skeptical when I poured the red powder into the bowl. There's a scant number of noodles and I envisioned 5 sad zitis floating in a red soup, but it poofed up nicely into something edible (after 1 minor overflow while microwaving). I know that sometimes happens with the Medifast stuff so I usually put a small plate under the bowl to catch any overruns and then pour it back in. It was surprisingly tasty! I did use a Laughing Cow Lite cheese wedge (a freebie) in it, but it would have been okay without. The ziti is now one of my new faves, which is good since I'm already sick of the vegetarian chili! It may not be pretty, but it's pretty tasty for what it is! 


I'm still decluttering. I've decided to call in the pros to come haul away a bunch of the big stuff! Come Saturday, my house will be a lot emptier and I will feel a whole lot lighter! During the process, I found one of my old paintings so that will be getting a new home in the Pink Room.


I also bought some mint green storage bins at Five Below to store my charity fundraising stuff. My bay window is that much closer to actually being clear! I'm excited for the weekend because I think once I free up some space, I'll be able to start moving all my vinyl toys onto the shelves in the "hobby" room. I've got one room yet whose purpose seems to be "cat" but I'll see if I can think of something else to do with it!