Whew! What a Weekend! The Declutter Continues + Some Redecorating

 OOTD - Saturday

OOTD - Saturday

I slacked on decluttering on Friday because I got home late, but it wasn't all a loss. I've been wondering what to do with my old couch once my new one comes and I decided to turn my spare family room into a workout room/lounge with a pink theme! I spent most of Friday night searching for the perfect, cheap items to redecorate that room, which has just been a pit of clutter. None of the houses in my neighborhood have basements so there's always a lack of storage. That room has been the equivalent of a basement storage area except it's right there out in the open! So, with an idea and under $100, I ended up with a pink couch cover, a bootleg Harry Styles "Pink Album" poster, and a pink floor mat.

Back in my other living room, I currently have this year-round Christmas tree up with blue and green lights (the lights are changeable...the Tree Dazzler is awesome!). But, it's time to find a different "thing" so I can put the Christmas tree away like a normal person. I like having the light and the unusual-ness of it so when I came across the Bubble Tube, I knew this was it. It changes colors and makes bubbles and is full of fake fish that swim. It's 6 feet tall! I'm super excited to get it and it's going to be awesome in my nautical themed living room!


Saturday, I went shopping for new furniture at Bob's Furniture. I spent so much time being indecisive that I was exhausted when I got home and didn't declutter Saturday either!

Here's the bed set. I love it. No drama there.


This is the couch I originally was planning on getting. It turns into a giant bed-like square, which my girlfriend and I have been looking for everywhere!


But, I also fell in love with the looks of this cool leather sectional. After spending all day running back and forth between the two sofas, I went home to think about it. But, I was pretty sure I was going to choose comfort over beauty!


I woke up ready to go this morning. I went and bought my furniture - the comfy sofa and the bed set (including artificial flowers that I had just been googling trying to find online for the Pink Room).


After all that, I took a nap. Spending $2000 is hard work! I finally got motivated to declutter and cleared out the bookshelves in the pink room. I found a book donation bin nearby so I dropped off a TON of old cookbooks. I'm currently hunting for some storage cubes for the built-in bookcase.

 BEFORE - Basically full of a bunch of useless crap that I don't need and haven't look at in years.

BEFORE - Basically full of a bunch of useless crap that I don't need and haven't look at in years.

 AFTER - This is still sort of a "during" because I need to go through the bottom half and get rid of more stuff!

AFTER - This is still sort of a "during" because I need to go through the bottom half and get rid of more stuff!

I unearthed two cute pics! One of me and my girlfriend and one of me and my dog Chiquita (RIP). She's dressed as a peacock. It was taken at a Halloween party at Petsmart. She lost the costume competition to a dog dressed as Kevin Federline. I shit you not.


My other big milestone today was being back in One-derland! I've been in the 200s since last year and I've finally back in the 100s...just barely, weighing in at 199.8. I've been doing really good on Medifast. I feel good and I'm still losing good so I'm sticking with it for the moment!


Here's today's breakfast - the berry cereal with Silk coconut milk. I had never tried the cereal in the past when I've done Medifast because I didn't think I was a cereal person. Well, boy, was I wrong! I love my cereal breakfasts now. It's also super convenient to bring to work. I just put the coconut milk in a Tupperware and mix it with the cereal when I get to work. Easy!


It's amazing how decluttering is spawning all these positive changes. I can feel the energy shift in me and even my house. I've been stagnant for 10 years since I moved in and it was showing in my house and my emotional state. Getting rid of unused, unwanted things is helping me in other areas of my life. I'm falling in love with my house again and wanting better things for me and my home. It's just been the most positive experience for me! I can't thank JGA enough for getting the ball rolling with Team Declutter!