Day 5: Beauty Products Cleanout + My Bedroom Redeco

I was excited to ditch all my old and expired beauty products today. You can check out a handy graphic of how long you should keep stuff here. I learned I have been keeping my liquid eyeliner and mascara wayyyyy too long.


I started with my master bathroom. I'm saving perfumes for this weekend because I may resell some on ebay, but I had plenty of old makeup and products in there to ditch. Once I did that I was left with a very empty, but very dusty and gross countertop. Thanks to the 1970s, the master bath is actually the smallest in the house so I tend not to use it. So, then I cleaned that and just kept on cleaning....the toilet, the floor, the shower (which is currently housing a litter box).


It's like a brand new bathroom! I wish I had taken a "before" but that would have been too embarrassing - you couldn't even see the counter! I still hate that it's completely old and out-of-date, but at least it's clean and neutral. I can work with that!


I bought a shower curtain to match the new comforter I'm getting so I'm excited to see the "after".


Here's the furniture I've picked for my room.


Here's the comforter!


I can't wait for the weekend so I can go order everything! Tomorrow is accessories day. I don't have that many, but they may take awhile to sort through so I may save that for the weekend!