It was a Rose Gold Kind of Day!


Procrastination is dangerous because it usually ends up with me buying all sorts of nonsense because I don't want to vacuum or something. I did have a goal today - find a new purse - because my strap is about to give out on my old one. So I hit up Marshalls, Ross, Saks Off Fifth, and DSW in search of a purse. I ended up with a cheap rose gold Aldo one that will do for now but it's not my favorite purse I've ever bought.

I also picked up some cute rose gold sparkly sandals at Ross for $14. Hopefully they won't be all scratchy on my foot. Glitter sandals have a bad tendency of doing that and yet I keep buying them!


I want to know how I ended up with 4 coconut oil products from Marshalls when I went in for a purse. What kind of dark magic happens when you go inside where you forget your purpose and end up buying a bunch of weird shit? But I love coconut oil stuff and now I smell like a creamy coconut so I guess I can't complain. It was all super cheap. The brand name is Okay. I feel like if they had a more exciting or positive name, they wouldn't be selling for a discount at Marshalls!


Before I left the house I also picked up some rose gold sparkly sneakers from Overstock. They got great reviews so we'll see. I really want the silver ones, too, but I figured I'd just buy one for now. If I love them, I'll go back for the silver ones.


I didn't get either of these but both were super cute. This rainbow bag from Betsey Johnson was HUGE. The pink Burberry sneakers were adorable but out of my budget!


I bought some perfumes online from Alexandria perfumes. They're known for doing knock offs so I'm curious to see how they smell. I love my Choco Musk and haven't found anything to replace it, but some of these have got me curious!


I found a yummy candle for my bedroom. It's Sand and Fog The Woods. It smells a bit like cinnamon and clove. It was cheap and caught my eye (and nose) while I was waiting in line at Marshalls.


I didn't get a ton accomplished house-wise today but I did vacuum, change some burnt out lightbulbs in my bedroom, and do my dishes. I also took a trip to the vet to pick up Baby Num's kidney food. That was more expensive than my shoes and purse! I've been sticking to my diet although the scale was not moving this weekend. That seems to be how it is lately - a whoosh of a few pounds and then a few days of staying put while my body catches up! Any progress is progress though!

Review: Medifast Parmesan Cheese Puffs


In all my time on Medifast, I hadn't tried the Parmesan Cheese Puffs so I figured no time like the present. I have avoided the puffs in the past, both because I was worried they might be gross or not fill me up but also because I worried I would like them too much and eat all 7 bags in a day!

They're somewhat crouton-shaped and no surprise, they sort of remind me of croutons. They're crunchy and have a garlicky sort of flavor. Other reviewers had mentioned that so it wasn't a shock to me, but I know some people were upset that the puffs taste more of garlic than Parmesan. I don't really taste tons of Parmesan, which is fine by me. They do sort of remind me of when I made Parmesan chips by microwaving piles of Parmesan. There's a bit of an aftertaste, but anyone acquainted with Medifast is sort of used to that. It's not really a flavor I can place, but it's not horrible. 


The serving size is big. This would be good for a movie night when you want something to crunch on. If you need to feel like you're snacking on chips or whatever, this might fill the bill for some people. I've been munching as I write this and I still have more than half the bag to go!

I would get these again, but they aren't like the Chocolate Chip Bakes where I look forward to eating them. The aftertaste is pretty strong so maybe skip these if you're planning a makeout session or bring a toothbrush and some mouthwash! <~~~

 Damn girl, you got stink breath!

Damn girl, you got stink breath!

TGIF! I Didn't Think Friday Would Ever Come!


This has been the longest fookin' week ever! I had meetings every day except today, including a surprise meeting yesterday that we all collectively forgot about. Even with all the meetings and stress at work, I've been cool as a cucumber lately and I'm not sure if I'm just getting used to the stress or just dealing with it better than I used to.

I had acupuncture on Wednesday and I was soooooo relaxed afterwards. I fell asleep like 3 times during it and was mellow the rest of the night. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself.

I bought a Capri Blue Volcano candle for the pink room because someone recommended it and I liked it so much I bought the one above (which is actually pink). I also got the lotion and travel perfume so I'll let you know how those are. Volcano smells like tropical fruits and sugared citrus, so basically, yummy.


I've been getting ready for my next tattoo. My guy is always booked in advance so I might try to go this weekend and get an appointment. The unicorn seahorse is calling to me, spikes and all!

aequicorn-necklace-alchemy-gothic (1).jpg

I finally bought the Puma En Pointe sneakers I've had my eyes on for a long time, but I got them from Zulily, which takes forever to ship since they do a bulk order. BUT, I'm saving like $50 so I guess they'll be worth the wait. They're still on sale if you want to get you a pair!


I'm loving coming home to a clean, organized house so I need to finish up the other rooms. I feel like I say this every day, but maybe this weekend it will actually happen!

I switched back to Medifast and almost immediately lost almost 2 pounds. I'm going to be out of the 190s soon!!! I'm sticking kicking myself that I'm still about 10 pounds over my old "fat weight" but then I remember that I've lost 16 pounds and I need to focus on current successes rather than the past. It is what it is so let's get where we want to be!


Is This Month Over Yet?

April has been a frustrating series of stalls on the weight loss front. I waited it out and the scale is just moving so slowly. But even with the slowness, I'm down to 193, which is 14 pounds down from where I started. All forward movement is progress as a wise person once said.


I spent a lot of time analyzing what I was eating. Keto was new to me and some things worked and some didn't. I think the fat bombs (like mini chocolate cheesecakes) stalled me, although they were insanely delicious and once I hit maintenance, they'll be a great treat. I also think heavy cream is not worth it so I switched back to half and half.

conspiracy guy string red.jpg

I went back to look at my weight charts and the chart doesn't lie. I was losing great on Medifast (the first part of the chart where I went from 207 to 199.5). I lost almost a pound a day on Medifast and then spent a month trying to lose 5 pounds when I switched to keto/low carb. The food is not ideal, but it's not horrible either. I switched because I wanted something more manageable long-term, closer to how I'd eat in real life, but ain't nobody got time for that right now. So back to Medifast we go!


The new shower curtain is up and looking great. I love the sea glass print. It makes that bathroom semi-tolerable but I still curse whoever chose linoleum floors and the cream color toilet and tub.


This month has been long. Work has been stressful. But, I am enjoying coming home to a clean, pretty house and that's been the best thing to come out of April. I need to tackle the other rooms and just get them done already. I've been procrastinating a bit and that needs to stop. I think the theme for May is going to be "get er done" (on the decluttering and weight loss fronts).


Finally, Some Movement on the Scale Plus Some Bathroom Purchases


I've been in a stall for almost 2 weeks and it was driving me nuts! I could tell my body looked different, my clothes were fitting different, but the scale was literally not budging. Finally, today it moved so I think I'm back on track again. Whew. I hate stalls, especially when it seems like there is no reason, but I did tighten up my diet a bit to rule out the stall being from what I was eating.

Embed from Getty Images

I cut back on the mini cream cheese "fat bombs" which are keto friendly but probably too tasty for their own good! I also skipped the burgers and beef and went back to the baked chicken that I get from the grocery store. I just lose better when I stick to chicken! I've been having Chipotle for dinner lately as well (chicken+peppers+salsa+sour cream, cheese, lettuce). We'll see if these changes get the scale moving again. Sometimes a stall is just a stall. I feel like it's your body getting used to you at that new lower weight so it just sits there until it's ready to make the move on down.

One positive thing was that my rose gold Adidas track pants that were too tight when I got them now fit! So even if the scale has been slow to catch up, I am changing!

adidas rose gold.jpg

My guest bathroom is also going to go through a bit of a change. I got a new shower curtain, curtain rings, shower liner, and new bath accessories.


My bathroom is so annoying because I think someone updated it a bit in the 80s but it's still awful. It just looks a bit outdated. I'm contemplating painting the bath cabinet. It's kind of an ugly oak color. If I kept with the beach house theme, I could whitewash it or something. I don't have the money for a total redo, but I would love to just swap out everything and just make it a nice black and white bathroom! But, until that time comes, I'm making due with what I've got!

Everyone think good thoughts for Baby Num. She goes back to the vet tomorrow for a checkup and more blood tests. She's just about done with her antibiotics, but this series of blood tests will probably tell a lot about any kidney or cancer issues.

It's Here and I Never Want to See a Hex Tool Again


My hall tree bench thingy arrived today and I was nervous when I saw the box. It had said minor assembly required so I thought it would maybe be like attaching one big piece to the other or something. Minor assembly my ass. This was like 3 hours of hell. The pieces were all labeled and predrilled nicely and the directions were pretty clear so it wasn't horrible but this was not how I had planned on spending my Tuesday night.


Doki kept trying to help. I'm thankful I work with diagrams all the time at work. If you can read and follow instructions and look at a diagram, you can put together almost anything! It just takes shitloads of patience. My fingers and back are hating me right now.


It was worth it though! It looks amazing! It's got a storage bin for shoes or whatever so my sneakers are safe from Doki. And with the hooks, my purse, work bag, and coat can get out of the kitchen (where they used to reside on the stove LOL). I'm going to get a cute beachy pillow for the bench. I might even be able to put some big shells up top.


I got my rainbow sequin tank today in the mail that I'm going to wear to the Harry Styles concert! It was worth the convoluted shipping (from the ebay seller to someone in Australia and from them to me). It's so cute. It fits and it's lightweight so I think it will be better for the hot and humid DC in June. I'm going to wait until closer to the date for the bottom half.


I'm in the world's most stubborn weight loss stall. I am sticking to my plan, but the scale is just frozen at the moment. It will move eventually, but it's annoying as hell! I've got a busy few days coming up, including the vet for Baby Num, who is still loving her cat couch!

Sheesh. I still can't believe I put that hall tree bench together! \o/

I'm Loving My House!


Today was another day of decluttering and decorating...probably a bit more of the later than the former, but I did make some progress in the decluttering! I unearthed the picture above, which I put in place of the "live well, love much, laugh often" sign that was there before. It's a great sentiment, but my ex hung it in the house when we moved in and I just wanted it gone. Out with the old, in with the new! It makes a good transition from the kitchen into the Pink Room!


I decluttered my entertainment center, which allowed me to spread out some of the stuff that had been on the mantel into the entertainment center. Now my mantel looks cleaner and you can see my glass jellyfish collection better. I'll probably play around a bit with the entertainment center shelves as I find cute things to put in there, but for now, it's okay. I need heavy small things for the bottom shelves that Doki won't eat.


One of the best finds of the day was this orange coral candle holder. I've been looking for orange coral because it's the whole reason I chose those orange chairs for my table. They remind me of coral! I found this nice matching candle that smells yummy - mango guava!


This seahorse also called to me. I'm thinking a seahorse is going to be one off the first tattoos on my "sea-themed" arm.


Here's my jellyfish collection. I love these! I got these at Home Goods. They're just so cool! I haven't seen them there in awhile but I always keep an eye open!


I also found my happy Buddha in the entertainment center. He's chilling out in the pink room now next to the Volcano candle, which also smells amazing.


This black candleholder was in the bay window and I wasn't sure what to do with it until I realized how nice it would look in the pink room. I took some of the leftover mango guava candles, which sort of pull out the orange in the Harry water picture.


I just love this room. It's so pretty and calming! On a side note, I didn't realize it but the litterboxes in the laundry room just beyond this room are pink and blue!


I saw this pet sofa in Home Goods earlier today and didn't get it, but later on I was showing my girlfriend and she mentioned how cute it was and how it matched the blue chair in the pink room so I realized how cute it would look in that I got it. We'll see if any of the animals actually use it. But it's adorable either way.


Will I ever stop buying things?


I had a good food day today. I love the salad bar at Jason's Deli with a cup of tuna salad so this was my lunch today. I had a cheeseburger (no bun) and salad for dinner.


Today was such a busy day! I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow and I'm sort of looking forward to it so I have an excuse to just chill!



This was the longest week so I'm glad it's over! I finally got my Jeep back today. It seems to be fixed so we'll see. They told me to drive it a lot this weekend to see if the light comes back on. As much as I was window shopping for new Jeeps (and found the perfect Renegade as well as the perfect Purple Wrangler), I'm happy to be back in my Jeep. So, we'll see what happens.

I got my pink trash cans today. They have fancy sensor lids that automatically open and close. One of the lids is acting up though (which may be fine since one bin is for recycling) so I don't care if it doesn't open and close automatically. I keep setting off the garbage sensor with my ass though as I walk by!


My kitchen island isn't quite decluttered yet. I wish I could just put a giant heart over the clutter to make it go away LOL.

I found a hall tree bench thingy that I like today. It was affordable with "minimal assembly" (famous last words). We'll see how bad it is when it comes in on Wednesday. It has hooks for my coat and purse and storage in the seat for my shoes so Doki doesn't eat them. And it looks sort of cute and beachy. I'll find a cute sea-themed pillow for it.


This has been a frustrating week for weight loss. I'm stalled, but hanging in there. I know the scale will move eventually but it drives me crazy when I don't see progress, especially when I've been sticking to my plan. But, it is what it is!

Baby Num seems to be doing well - she's climbing all over me at the moment!


I can't believe this is my house!


I found the perfect hall tree bench thingy (above) but I need to wait until next paycheck or something. It's super cute and is already assembled (I think) but it's the first one that really caught my eye and fits in with my beachy living room.


I got my blue canisters for the kitchen today so I organized that area today and wow! I can't believe this is my house! My counter is so organized and clean! I'm in shock! I really like how the kitchen is coming along. I can't wait for my pink trash cans to arrive Thursday.


I felt bad because I've been slacking on decluttering and I'm not done yet so I tackled a closet I've been avoiding for awhile. It was full of old comforters and curtains from a house I owned over a decade ago. I never unpacked them! I just tossed them out. Fresh start and all that. Once I got ride of that, I had a mostly empty closet! This is great because I definitely could use the storage space for big stuff. The decluttering that is left is mostly annoying stuff that isn't as obvious what to do with it. I'm going to try to throw a little bit out each day, but my garbage is full again!


I'm still sticking to my diet although I'm a bit stalled this week. It's almost that time, so I think I'm just all bloated or something. I'm hoping for a nice big whoosh so I can stay on track to get close to my first goal by the end of June.

Baby Num seems to be doing well. She's been a lot more active today now that she's off the painkillers. We'll see how she does when she goes back to the vet in a week or so.

I drop of my car at Jeep tomorrow. They've arranged for the loaner so hopefully this time, I can actually drop it off!

My girlfriend and I are starting to make plans for May and we're thinking about checking out the MGM Casino in Maryland. I drive by the darn thing every day on the way to work but I've never been inside! This year has been surprisingly hectic so I'm looking forward to a little getaway (even if it's a staycation LOL).


Got a Case of the Mondays


I can't say that this was my favorite Monday ever. The Jeep drama continues. I was supposed to drop my Jeep off this morning so they could troubleshoot it for a few days and my case manager said they'd give me a loaner, blah, blah, blah. So, I show up ready to drop it off and the Jeep dealer had no idea I was coming and had no loaner to give me. Ahhhh! So, I left with my car and went about my day.

Work is super stressful right now. The only saving grace is that it's out of my hands really so I'm just trying to ride it out. Shit will get has to, right?

Baby Num has good moments and not so good moments. I'm hoping it's the medicine that is making her sort of weak and sleepy. I had set her up a little room in my bathroom and twice tonight she went back there on her own even though she was in there all night and for most of today. She's been out for a few hours so maybe she's pepping up.


I have to be PMSing. I'm like on the verge of tears over the stupidest shit - songs, TV commercials, posts on tumblr. Like...just put me out of my misery and come already.

One highlight of today was my mint stools for the kitchen island. They're so cute! And useful, too! I've already used one to change a lightbulb in the kitchen because I'm a shorty.


I bought myself two pink trash cans for the kitchen today just to make myself feel better. One will be my recycling bin and one will be my actual trash can. I wanted two different colors but couldn't find two in the right colors that weren't a million dollars. I ain't spending $200 on a trash can!


Sorry today's post is such a bummer. Tomorrow is a new day so hopefully it will go a bit better!